Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July


Participants have 15 days to create a cool JavaScript or GLSL program in 1024 bytes or less.
Check out the rules and the existing demos for some cool examples.
Entry is free, so give it a try, it's really fun! >:)

• 1st of July - theme is announced, competition starts, submission form is open
• 15th of July - deadline!!! submission form is closed, you can rate other projects (15 Jul 5:00 PM UTC+00:00)
• 1st of August - no more ratings!
• a few days later - boom, the results are published and winners are announced

Press here if you want to be announced when it starts


• Your source code mustn't take up more than 1 KiB
• No malicious/harmful code allowed
• You're not allowed to extract personal data from users
• No external files allowed (external scripts and images will be automatically blocked)
• Do not share your private participant key. You will use it to rate other projects
• Upload a readable version (+ comments) of your code to help people understand it (optional)

I will analyze the code before making demos public in order to ascertain if they are safe.

How It Works

• Submit a project when the submission form is open
• Rate other people's projects using a secret key as proof of identity (only participants can rate other projects)
• The person with the highest rating in each category gets the fabled #1 place

Demo Categories & Shim Details

Classic Canvas Mode Download shim
• a = the canvas element
• b = the body element
• c = the 2d context
• d = the document element
• M = a bool that indicates if the user is on mobile
P5.js demo
• The p5js library will be used in your demo (p5.sound isn't included)
• You only need to submit the script (the setup(), draw() and the other stuff...)
• Check out the documentation: https://p5js.org/get-started/
Shader demo Download shim
• Write your entry like a Shadertoy demo (WebGL1 / GLSL ES 1.0 only)
• Canvas is responsive but its ratio is fixed: 16/9
• Shader inputs: iResolution (w, h), iTime (float), iTimeDelta (float), iFrame (int), iMouse (x, y, clickx, clicky), iDate: float
No shim
• It's an empty HTML file, lol. You start from scratch. Anything is allowed (2d canvas, 3d, etc...)
Note: there was a p5js category in the past but I removed it to keep things balanced
Note: some chars take more than 1 byte: 2 bytes for chars U+80 to U+7FF, 3 bytes for chars U+800 to U+FFFF, 4 bytes for chars U+FFFF to U+10FFFF, when encoded in UTF-8

Code Minificators
(from js13kgames resources)

Try Terser - a live version of the Terser ES6+ minifier
babeljs - JS (ES2015/2016/2017) minifier based on Babili, choose your flavor in the "presets" dropdown
GLSL Minifier
Another shader minifier
Packer - JavaScript compressor
Roadroller - Flattens Your JavaScript Demo
JavaScript Minifier - minify your JavaScript
RegPack - self-contained packer for size-constrained JS code
Closure Compiler - compile your code
UglifyJS - JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier
Extreme Javascript minification - compression experiments
miniMinifier - tiny (but super efficient) HTML and CSS minifiers
Minify - a JavaScript and CSS minifier
JSCompress - a compression tool for javascript
ZPNG Minifier - in-browser jsExe
int2binary2html - helps you to encode a long list of integers (0-255) in binary and embed it in your index.html
Terser-online - a live version of the Terser ES6+ minifier, with extra compression options because every byte counts

Tutorials & Guides
(from js13kgames resources)

StackExchange thread for javascript golfing tips
js13kGames tutorial - How to make a text game with HTML5
Getting started with HTML5 game development
Tiny platformer
Trigonometry cheat sheet
How to support arrow keys, WASD and ZQSD keyboard inputs in just 56+ bytes of JS
How to make games with CSS3D
Procedurally Generated Dungeon Tutorial
Creating simple music using the Web Audio API
WebGL guide

Postmortems & Articles related to demos

1Keys - How to Make a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript
Batafuraiko - Winner of JS1024 2021
Star Traveler Postmortem
JavaScript Butterfly Sakura 1k Postmortem
JavaScript Balloon 1k Postmortem
Detective Moji postmortem: a javascript game in just 1024 bytes
Professor Moji: a javascript educational game in just 1024 bytes
JS1024: A post-mortem for Space Hopper 👾

Big thanks to our donors!

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