Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

What will you contribute to

• Paying domain - 21$ / year
• Paying domain privacy protection - 5$ / year
• Paying hosting - 84$ / year
• Paying winners - 31$ / year (sadly this is not always possible)

Nothing will be wasted. Any surplus money will be saved for future bills.
Donations will NOT be used for anything else.
I do not host this competition to make money, but because I love seeing creative projects.

You can use the following methods to support js1024

BTC: bc1qqjpzyz8q2gne2g9nadnq45q5l5le6ccah8s0ej
TEZ: tz1Rpf7t3ZVHQuczCm14gcWBvA2wcZHudeLC
Donorbox: https://donorbox.org/js1024

There are no more ads. Donating is the only way to support this project