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Escaping Matrix
by Admin
996/1024 bytes - shader project

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Anonymous participant 86/100: let's all love lain
Anonymous participant 80/100: Great
Anonymous participant 68/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 45/100: painful colors
Anonymous participant 70/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: Looks nice, though hardly original
Anonymous participant 57/100: Maze-like animation with ever-switching textures. A minor variation of the OpenGL version of Wolf128; texture bits (matrix vs. reality) are new.
Anonymous participant 50/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 40/100: The screenshot overpromises, would have loved to see those lighting and transparency effects. And what is that green disk that covers part of the screen??
Anonymous participant 70/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 80/100: The flickering effect is too strong and too sudden (all lines showed up at once, not gradual per line).

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