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Encrypting app
by 384.cz
656/1024 bytes - HTML project

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Anonymous participant 80/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 45/100: it does its job
Anonymous participant 40/100: Seems to work, but I don't know enough about encryption to know how "crackable" it'd be. Would have been nice to see the HTML be a bit more semantic (e.g. with labels for the inputs), and/or some styling, as I think there was space for one or both of those. Also doesn't incorporate the theme :(
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 20/100: Does not work for me. Decoding returns garbage
Anonymous participant 4/100: Something worse than Ceaser cipher, because it doesn't wrap around (!).
Anonymous participant 30/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 15/100: A simple substitution cipher that would not stand cryptanalysis for long. And the form itself is buggy, one needs to reload to switch between encryption and decryption
Anonymous participant 72/100: It's a simple symmetric encryption for simple text. Not really secure, though, being a substitution cipher.

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