Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

Internet Creator
by Evan Hahn
1015/1024 bytes - HTML project

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Anonymous participant 68/100: Nice idea! I adore Tycoon Games
Anonymous participant 100/100: Great game
Anonymous participant 56/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 15/100: looks complicated and useless
Anonymous participant 75/100: I had fun
Anonymous participant 85/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 90/100: It was not intuitive what each thing did exactly. You could ad explanations in readme.
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 72/100: A glimpse of incremental game. Pretty enjoyable for minutes, my only complaint is that you don't limit the number of clicks per second so keep pressing Enter breaks the game.
Anonymous participant 59/100: A clickfest in 1kb?? Good performance, however the game lacks replay value.
Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 82/100: A nice game! It's hard to understand if you're a novice in this genre.

Public comments

Anonymous Nice game! One idea is that I thought the programmer would type characters into the text box for me, so half of the things you buy would process text faster from the textbox, and half could add text to it, so the player would try to strike a balance. 1657752717

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