Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

by KilledByAPixel
1020/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 84/100: Woah... Sounds pretty niceee
Anonymous participant 80/100: Frank crushing it!
Anonymous participant 50/100: Good
Anonymous participant 88/100: This guitar is actually sounding really good! I'm quite bad at handling accords, but managed to play a bit :)
Anonymous participant 84/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 95/100: looks and sounds good. i'm not sure that anybody is able to play a whole song :)
Anonymous participant 99/100: Love it, very nice sounds! Chords List and Example Songs are a great idea, too!
Anonymous participant 80/100: Very realistic and nice sonding strings
Anonymous participant 88/100: A visually and aurally pleasing ukulele simulator. User interface is really well thought and handles all edge cases correctly. For example, normally the whole string is suspended when a fret is held, but if a fret is already held when plucked then fretting a non-vibrating section should make no difference.
Anonymous participant 79/100: Good use of WebAudio API, wish you could have implemented Karplus-Strong algorithm to support multiple instruments
Anonymous participant 95/100: Pretty original!
Anonymous participant 88/100: Ukulele demo that you need to manually strum. Sad that I can't put more than two fret notes (Firefox on Windows).

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