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Mirror Racer
by Andrew Berry
1017/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 83/100: This could be a succesful mobile game .o.
Anonymous participant 68/100: Once you get the hang of it becomes easy, but still sometimes the opp moves unexpectedly forward maybe because of the semi-visible gradient tiles. Would be better if player would also go forward / back if slided on green, while opp using red.
Anonymous participant 79/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 40/100: not my game, sorry
Anonymous participant 75/100: Good concept. I'd like if you were going up not down so that left key moves you left on the screen.
Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 90/100: Thematic gameplay. Love it. Looks nice too.
Anonymous participant 90/100: fun game, i like how it is different every time
Anonymous participant 87/100: A racing game where you compete with your mirror image. The concept is solid but it feels too luck-based, maybe a longer track could have made it less random.
Anonymous participant 82/100: Simple concept, very well polished, and still too fast for my reflexes. Going up instead of down would be nice to avoid confusing left and right..
Anonymous participant 65/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 82/100: It's harder because the camera is at front (not from behind the cars).

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