Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

by gogoprog
1024/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 70/100: Great work. Need to learn how to do this!
Anonymous participant 72/100: I don't see connection to the theme, but nice job on this demo!
Anonymous participant 75/100: Interesting method. I expected it to be bigger.
Anonymous participant 64/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: the forward step is too big, and wall texture should be varied somehow
Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 98/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 95/100: Interesting and fast renderer. Maze and wall patterns could be more interesting though.
Anonymous participant 63/100: Raycasted maze. A fine use of Haxe, and also line-based collision instead of pixelated map. A well-seeded random maze might have provided a greater variety.
Anonymous participant 40/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 62/100: Wolfenstein 1K?! Good job on the textures and on having nonsquare rooms, but too simple to actually make a game.
Anonymous participant 76/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 85/100: Good job on checking collisions!

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