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Stacking Game
by burntcustard
1024/1024 bytes - HTML project

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Anonymous participant 80/100: Great use of CSS
Anonymous participant 75/100: Simple, yet very effective. Not sure how the theme is incorporated though.
Anonymous participant 85/100: Well done! :o
Anonymous participant 89/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 45/100: looks promising, but i wasn't able to play with it.
Anonymous participant 70/100: I got bored fast but some people like this game I think
Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 95/100: Looks great, plays smoothly.
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 85/100: Stack as many boxes as possible, but a box above will be trimmed to the extent of a box below. This is pretty hard, because you need to concentrate on two endpoints to minimize the trimmed area---until the box became small enough at the very end of the game. There are some rough edge cases left unresolved (the stacking continues after the game is over, you don't know the number of boxes without an inspector, reflection looks quite off) but I like its concept. Personal best: 69 boxes.
Anonymous participant 73/100: Many thanks to the comment that explains how to play, the instructions were a bit unclear. Smart concept, well executed although some of the shadows are off (and misleading). Wish we could have the score at the end.
Anonymous participant 73/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 92/100: I like CSS 3D transform! Good job on making it using CSS.

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