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987/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 72/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 74/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 55/100: strange
Anonymous participant 90/100: Great
Anonymous participant 85/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 80/100: Interesting idea. Would look more like inkblots with more black in center and less on sides, probably.
Anonymous participant 40/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 68/100: Look at deterministic random graphics in hope of finding something meaningful. (This is "scry" in "inkscry".) To be fair those random graphics are pretty.
Anonymous participant 57/100: Unfinished, this could have been a magnificent plasma animation, with parameters varying with time, no user input (and thus key control function) needed
Anonymous participant 68/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 75/100: It looks like a noise function. I can't find my answer, though.

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