Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

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Pole Position
by Joachim
941/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 87/100: This actually looks really cool for a demo made < 1024. I like it!
Anonymous participant 75/100: Impressive, even if not following the theme! Please add a Km and speed indicators with the spare bytes!
Anonymous participant 80/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 35/100: not my game
Anonymous participant 60/100: The movement, especially acceleration and decceleration, feels weird, and the staircasing/aliasing is kind of horrific - pretty good overall though!
Anonymous participant 50/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 70/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 85/100: Would be better if leaving the track would slow you punish you somehow. By slowing down and such.
Anonymous participant 80/100: pretty good demake of the game, it would be good to see more physical and gameplay elements
Anonymous participant 64/100: Old school racing game. The lacking graphics seems to be intentional (as it's a demake). Lacks wall collision, so once you are out of route it is very hard to get back. Correctly handles onresize and has an alternative input method though. Expected optimized size: about 800B
Anonymous participant 68/100: Very close to actual games from the early 8-bit era. The cutoff distance is a bit too far, the road gets fuzzy near the horizon. Wish you could have added something with the remaining 80b.
Anonymous participant 65/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 92/100: I like that many control key sets are supported. The background mountains are moving too fast for my liking.

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