Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

Grid Slot 1K
by Calada2
1024/1024 bytes - HTML project

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Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 60/100: Looks great (woo emoji), but it seems like you just click every so often and then watch what happens?
Anonymous participant 82/100: Loved: really good clean layout, emojis! Wanted: visual cue to click the first time when screen is empty, gameplay to be less cut down. I ranked you at the "Good" level in Games/Toys. I awarded points to each demo based on several criteria. I scaled the scores for all demos that I ranked, the best becoming 100, so your final score differs from the intital score I gave you.
Anonymous participant 75/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 85/100: Looks and moves great and mechanics is not trivial. Some interactivity would be nice, though.
Anonymous participant 30/100: when the screen was blank at first and i thought it didnt work, maybe you could make it start automatically. it would be cool if player could interact by clicking on symbols that have enough neighbors to remove them
Anonymous participant 33/100: Im just a low key emoji hater I guess.
Anonymous participant 78/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: I reckon lots of work was put into the code minification. The result ends up somewhere in between a demo and a game, and unfortunately has the appeal of neither?: emoji makes it look good, but there isn't enough interactivity for a game.
Anonymous participant 70/100: no comment

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