Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

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Mona Lisa
by Aurium
1010/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 60/100: cool technique to store data
Anonymous participant 90/100: This is mind-blowing
Anonymous participant 70/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: Interesting, but not particularly exciting to me or relevant to the theme.
Anonymous participant 78/100: Loved: results are really impressive, clever packing scheme. Wanted: something more than what boils down to a clever packing scheme i guess. I ranked you at the "Very Good" level in Demos. I awarded points to each demo based on several criteria. I scaled the scores for all demos that I ranked, the best becoming 100, so your final score differs from the intital score I gave you.
Anonymous participant 90/100: impressive
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: 80
Anonymous participant 60/100: Looks like a watered down Morbius from 2022. I think would work mch better with more detail concentrated in the face.
Anonymous participant 30/100: Cool, but not sure how this relates to the theme
Anonymous participant 60/100: cool idea and technical achievement, would be interesting to see this explored to generate a variety?of images
Anonymous participant 80/100: Love the tech! How did you create it though? Please do a postmortem / release the source of the encoder, I'll so use it!
Anonymous participant 90/100: The mathematical expressions are interesting.
Anonymous participant 74/100: Crazy compression rate (15:1) which almost make RegPack choke. Impressive at first sight, yet the lack of details on the face mars the whole picture. Good take on compression, although other algorithms fare better, my reference remains 256b Mona (https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62917).

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