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Lucky the Rad Dragon
by nrkn
1017/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 65/100: I love the idea. The gameplay experience is mid tho
Anonymous participant 65/100: Cool idea, but not easy to figure out what all the different emoji mean. Bit awkward that you have to zoom in loads compared to squeezing in a larger font-size. Also nice to see such long and mostly readable source code!
Anonymous participant 55/100: Looks like there is some interesting mechanics somewhere, but it's non-evident. Should have written it down in Readme - that's what it is for.
Anonymous participant 70/100: pretty cool little game, great emoji use. would be cool to see it tell more of a story through progression
Anonymous participant 85/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 58/100: Instructions would have helped, it took a few tries and misses to understand how the game works. Afterwards it becomes too easy as you can flee after the first glance if the opponent is too strong. I reckon from the original source that you initally went for a larger scope with more monsters, more player classes, magic ... then the 1K limit struck and you had to downsize.

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