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The Money Catcher
by 384.cz
1010/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 100/100: it's interactive
Anonymous participant 35/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 30/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 60/100: Nice concept.
Anonymous participant 65/100: Simple, and not hugely relevant to the theme, but a fun little game.
Anonymous participant 60/100: Good fun
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 90/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 65/100: ASCII screen is an interesting approach. I'm not sure adding the sound was worth it - it's kinda of atmospheric, but annoying. Also, score seems to be bugged - keep getting stuck at some number for me.
Anonymous participant 60/100: very cool that it includes music
Anonymous participant 60/100: The text size doesn't feel good. I hardly can see the catcher.
Anonymous participant 36/100: Reminds me of those handlheld games of the 80s where you had to catch falling objects. I am sure you can do better than textmode gfx though. Good job on the sound fx, although the bytebeat music gets annoying quickly.
Anonymous participant 60/100: I enjoy that you programmatically created a wav file

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Anonymous It's a fun little game! I especially like that you managed to add music to it! 1688393170

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