Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

CLOSED. Starts on 1 July

Winter Forest
by coneonthefloor
1014/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 45/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 70/100: Loved: beautiful, one of my favorites visually, despite its simplicity. Wanted: there's really, really, not much to it. I ranked you at the "Good" level in Demos. I awarded points to each demo based on several criteria. I scaled the scores for all demos that I ranked, the best becoming 100, so your final score differs from the intital score I gave you.
Anonymous participant 75/100: Great work - very siple and pretty
Anonymous participant 55/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 60/100: Nice, but too basic
Anonymous participant 20/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 50/100: Cute! Has a nice vibe to it.
Anonymous participant 85/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 62/100: Efficient, smooth and fast animation, but the gfx are way too simple, sometimes the branches are at a weird angle. With a packer you could have gained at least 250b, meaning more room to add extra effects.

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