Annual JavaScript Golfing Competition

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Clover Take Over
by mvasilkov
1023/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 60/100: pretty
Anonymous participant 50/100: I really like the idea of using a bitmap value to create an image. Well done, nice scene too.
Anonymous participant 55/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 74/100: Loved: really nicely done, slick. Wanted: there's not much to it. I ranked you at the "Good" level in Demos. I awarded points to each demo based on several criteria. I scaled the scores for all demos that I ranked, the best becoming 100, so your final score differs from the intital score I gave you.
Anonymous participant 50/100: Nice - like the cpmpression
Anonymous participant 80/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 52/100: nice
Anonymous participant 60/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 65/100: Looking good, but could use some variaty/randomness. Both in ackground and in bee flying pattern
Anonymous participant 30/100: Good technique demo, but doesn't do anything
Anonymous participant 50/100: great pixel art and sense of motion
Anonymous participant 88/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 68/100: Great animation, albeit a bit too simple/ As you mentioned, you could probably have packed much more into 1K. Kudos for developing your own file format, however wouldn't you get better compression from a base-64 encoded string?
Anonymous participant 65/100: I enjoy the use of bigint, very concise syntax

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