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Lu1ky Pinball
by KilledByAPixel
1013/1024 bytes - canvas2d project

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Anonymous participant 80/100: Great game! Its amazing you were able to add all the classic details to it as well
Anonymous participant 100/100: wow
Anonymous participant 20/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 90/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 93/100: Loved: beautiful interface given constraints, physics. Wanted: some kind of motivation to keep playing after a few minutes. I ranked you at the "Pro" level in Games/Toys. I awarded points to each demo based on several criteria. I scaled the scores for all demos that I ranked, the best becoming 100, so your final score differs from the intital score I gave you.
Anonymous participant 90/100: awesome physics
Anonymous participant 95/100: Great demo - really impressive in the space
Anonymous participant 50/100: 60
Anonymous participant 80/100: no comment
Anonymous participant 90/100: Great, as expect from you:) Surprisingly deep gameplay. Only nitpick is that it is pretty unobvious how much score do you have.
Anonymous participant 94/100: I like the animations!
Anonymous participant 92/100: Wow, a pinball in 1K, with a complete table, bumpers and realistic flipper control. I only wish one could nudge the cabinet to save a ball?!
Anonymous participant 95/100: Enjoyed it, am impressed by how relatively complete the experience is

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